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Pathways to Education

About Pathways to Education

At Pathways to Education we believe that youth in our communities have within them tremendous strength, resilience, and potential. Pathways programming unlocks this potential through a community-based program proven to lower high school dropout rates.


Pathways to Education programming is being offered to youth entering who reside in the Waterloo Village and South End neighbourhoods of Saint John. The program supports youth and their families through a variety of free supports:


  • Academic Support: through a tutoring program

  • Social Support: through a mentoring program

  • Financial Support: through bi-weekly incentives and a scholarship

  • Advocacy Support: though their own Youth Advisor




Pathways to Education is a national organization that works in partnership with the Teen Resource Centre (TRC), a local leader in helping youth reach their full potential.


The Pathways model has been proven to increase high school graduation within their target communities by 70%. Of these graduates, 73% have gone on to pursue post-secondary education and training.

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