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Academic Support Plays a Key Role In The Success of All Students:

Our Pathways to Education tutoring site is a learning environment that is safe, welcoming, and focused. With tutoring sessions available Monday-Thursday, Pathways students will take advantage of this free service a minimum of two times a week (or more if needed). This ensures that students are on top of their workload and gaining a solid understanding of their subjects from the start.

No Homework? No Problem.

No matter what the academic level of a student is, participation is encouraged whether school homework is assigned or not. In addition to homework help, tutoring helps students to develop the skills they need for life-long learning including:

  • Time management strategies and organizational skills

  • The pursuit of natural curiosity and knowledge-seeking

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Tutoring is provided by Pathways staff and our volunteers in a safe, social learning environment.

Tutoring volunteers are screened, trained, supervised, and supported by the Pathways team.

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