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The TRC is a great example of the community coming together to address the problem of youth poverty and other issues related to youth. In 1996, a health assessment revealed that youth were the population group least supported by the community, and the high rate of youth in poverty bears this out. After the health assessment was completed, the St. Joseph's Community Health Centre began developing partnerships, a volunteer base and funding sources to develop programs and services for at-risk youth.


In 1998, the Community Health Centre established a community-based committee - called The Resource Centre for Youth (TRC) Steering Committee that would guide the development of further services and resources for youth. The range of partners was broad; they included community agencies, business leaders, government service providers, and youth concerned about how Saint John was addressing the needs of youth and the issues that affected them.


In 2000, the Business Community Anti-Poverty Initiative (BCAPI) and its Youth Poverty Working Group adopted the TRC vision and framework as one of its priority strategies to reduce youth poverty. BCAPI's youth working group decided to join forces with the TRC committee. With much hard work and dedication from volunteers, TRC was able to move from the basement of St. Joe's Community Health Centre to its own location at 28 Richmond Street in June of 2007.

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